Human TrialsScientists, Investors, and
Patients in the Quest for a Cure

In the never-ending war between science and disease, the heroes are many, the victories few. Human Trials is the gripping story of one of the battles in that war, an attack on autoimmune disease, and of the brave and hopeful patients, dedicated scientists, and bold venture capitalists who become allied in the struggle. Susan Quinn’s extraordinary story takes the reader into the closed world of experimental “human trials” in which new drugs are developed.

Both the portrait of a dedicated scientist and the archetypal story of all medical research, Human Trials is the emotion-laden, roller-coaster trip from the lab bench to the medicine cabinet, in which scientists risk their reputations, venture capitalists their millions, and patients their very lives.

Critical Acclaim

“There are plenty of make-or-break moments in this book, made all the more poignant by Quinn's considerable talents as a biographer, which lend depth of character to the doctors and patients who grace these pages.”
Publisher's Weekly (starred review)
“A rare work that should be required reading for doctors and investors — and for patients who must decide whether to participate in a clinical trial.”
Business Week
“A riveting drama of a doctor… and the web he has spun ... to realize his goal … I couldn’t put it down.”
Isadore Rosenfeld, Parade