Marie CurieA Life

Marie Curie was long idealized as a selfless and dedicated scientist, not entirely of this world. But Quinn’s Marie Curie is, on the contrary, a woman of passion — born in Warsaw under the repressive regime of the Russian czars, outspokenly committed to the cause of a free Poland, deeply in love with her husband Pierre but also, after his tragic death, capable of loving a second time and of standing up against the cruel, xenophobic attacks which resulted from that love. This biography gives a full and lucid account of Marie and Pierre Curie’s scientific discoveries, placing them within the revelatory discoveries of the age.

At the same time, it provides a vivid account of Marie Curie’s practical genius: the X-Ray mobiles she created to save French soldiers’ lives during World War I, as well as her remarkable ability to raise funds and create a laboratory that drew researchers to Paris from all over the world. It is a story which transforms Marie Curie from an bloodless icon into a woman of passion and courage.

Critical Acclaim

“A touching, three-dimensional portrait of the Polish-born scientist and two-time Nobel Prize winner.”
Kirkus (starred review)
“A fresh, powerful new biography of a very human Marie Curie.”
Science Magazine
“Quinn’s portrait is rich and captivating … engagingly fills out the saga, allowing us to see both the physicist and the woman.”
Washington Post
“A splendid piece of work, the honest story of a great woman who was a natural feminist, a brilliant scientist, a passionate soul and a successful mother.”
London Mail on Sunday